West Coast Bias

It has already been said by now, but man does it feel good to find form. The Seattle Sounders have won, yes won, five of the last six games they have played, taken 17 of a possible 21 points since losing to the Earthquakes, and signed the biggest name in American Soccer.

Now most of Sounders nation probably could have looked those number up, but to see them on paper (or a computer screen) really are astonishing. Sure, we lost 1-3 away to the Houston Dynamo, but to be fair we can’t win them all. That was a whirlwind of chances created in a game where the environment was already difficult to play in.

Down to the reason for this post, to prepare for the final stretch of games that could bring us to a Supporters Shield. That should be the main goal here, Supporters Shield. It would bring delight…

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